miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Joe Walsh - Got Any Gum? (1987)

Joe Walsh: Lead guitars, keyboards, synthesizer, lead vocals.

Dave Cochran: Bass guitar.
Terry Manning: Keyboards, Fairlight, piano.
Mark Rivera: Saxophones.
Chad Cromwell: Drums and percussion.
Jimi Jamison: Backing vocals.
J.D. Souther: Backing vocals.

01. The Radio Song" (Joe Walsh)
02. Fun" (Joe Vitale, Walsh)
03. In My Car" (Mo Foster, Kim Goody, Richard Starkey, Walsh)
04. Malibu" (Vitale, Walsh)
05. Half of the Time" (Walsh)
06. Got Any Gum?" (Terry Manning, Walsh)
07. Up to Me" (Walsh)
08. No Peace in the Jungle" (Tommy Dean)
09. Memory Lane" (Walsh)
10. Time" (Walsh)

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