lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009

CHET ATKINS & FRIENDS - - - Neely Auditorium, Nashville, USA, May 1987.

1. Intro (CA & MK)
2. I'll see you in my dreams (CA & MK)
3. Walk of life (MK & CA)
4. Interview & medley (EB, CA, MK)
All I have to do is dream, By bye love, Wake up little Suzie
5. Why worry (EB, CA, MK)
6. Precious memories (EH)
7. Waltz for the lonely (CA)
8. I keep forgetting (MM)
9. Rose in paradise (WJ)
10. Good hearted woman (WJ, WN)
11. Island in the sea (WN)
12. Sunrise (CA)
13. Imagine (CA, MK)
14. I still can't say goodbye (CA)
15. Corinna Corinna (All)

CA: Chet Atkins
MK: Mark Knopfler
EB: Everly Brothers (Don and Phil Everly)
EH: Emmylou Harris
MM: Michael McDonald
WJ: Waylon Jennings
WN: Willie Nelson

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